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Back To School Rally

WE BOUGHT A WATERPARK!!! Okay... well we rented one :)


We want YOU to come wrap up the end of the summer with us at Kalahari Resorts indoor waterpark, one of the country's PREMIERE indoor waterparks... all to ourselves overnight! We have over 200,000 sq ft, of Wet. Wild. Fun. What are you waiting for? Come splash around in the only place thats always 84 and sunny, even overnight!!!

Overnight Waterpark

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  • When and where will the event take place?
    The event will take place on Friday, September 1st, starting at 10:00 PM and continuing until Saturday, September 2nd, at 4:00 AM. The venue is Kalahari Resort Indoor Water Park, which is renowned as the BEST Indoor Waterpark in the Northeast.
  • Who can attend the Back To School Rally?
    The event is open to all students who are entering grades 7th to 12th. It's a fantastic opportunity for students from the Philadelphia district to come together and celebrate the start of the new school year. Philadelphia is also welcoming students from the Metro New York and Upstate New York Nazarene District.
  • How much is the entrance fee, and when is the deadline to register?
    The entrance fee is $55 per participant. However, after August 25th, the cost will increase to $65. We encourage attendees to register and pay before the deadline to secure the lower rate.
  • How do I register for the event?
    To register for the Back To School Rally, simply click on the "Register Here" button located at the top of this page. This will direct you to the registration form where you can provide your necessary details and secure your spot for the event. If your church is handling the payment for the entire group, we've got you covered! After completing your registration and proceeding to the payment section, you'll notice a "Discount" button. Please enter your church's specific discount code in the designated field to apply the discount to your registration fees.
  • Is transportation provided to the event?
    Local churches have graciously volunteered to coordinate transportation. They will be responsible for loading up buses, vans, or cars and taking their students to meet us for registration between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM. If you are a parent and wish to pickup your students on your own, you may also choose this. Please plan to pick up BY 4:00AM as we will be exiting the waterpark by that time and there is not a holding area for those students.
  • What should we bring to the event?
    Participants are advised to bring appropriate swimwear, towels, toiletries, and any personal items they may need for the overnight event. We suggest to pack comfortable clothing to change into before 4:00AM for the ride home! We also suggest bringing a way to pay for some extra snacks/drinks at the snack stand! There is a free water station at the center of the park with cups. Lockers are available as a cashless additional charge option for students. Rental fees vary based on locker size (Small $20, Medium $25, Large $30). Lockers are available inside the waterpark and are not available for pre- purchase. We are also a private event, with plenty of tables and chair areas available to store things. We highly suggest not bringing any high value or important items with you. We do receive FREE towels from Kalahari to pickup and return, as an option for those who do not want to bring their own. OH AND DON'T FORGET A SMILE AND ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT:)
  • Will there be chaperones or supervision during the event?
    Absolutely! The safety and well-being of all participants during the Back To School Rally at Kalahari is of paramount importance to us. Rest assured that there will be a comprehensive team of chaperones and dedicated staff present throughout the event to provide supervision and ensure everyone has a fantastic and secure experience. Here's an overview of the supervision and safety measures in place: 1. Kalahari Resort Staff: Kalahari Resort Indoor Water Park employs a professional and experienced team who are well-trained in managing water park activities and ensuring the safety of all guests. They will be available at various points within the park to provide assistance and guidance. 2. Lifeguards: Kalahari Resort maintains a team of certified lifeguards stationed at all water attractions. These highly trained individuals are vigilant and equipped to respond promptly to any water-related emergencies. 3. Security: The resort maintains a robust security team that monitors the premises 24/7. Their presence ensures a secure environment for all guests, and they are ready to respond swiftly to any concerns that may arise. 4. Medical Staff: Kalahari Resort has medical personnel on standby in case of any medical emergencies. They are well-prepared to provide immediate attention and support, should the need arise. 5. Church Chaperones: In addition to the Kalahari staff, each participating church will provide its own team of responsible and caring chaperones. These chaperones are familiar with the students from their respective churches and will accompany them throughout the event. They play a crucial role in maintaining discipline, ensuring student safety, and providing guidance during the Back To School Rally. With this comprehensive network of supervision and safety measures, you can have peace of mind knowing that your well-being is a top priority. Parents and guardians can also rest assured that their children will be in good hands throughout the event.
  • Is food provided during the Back To School Rally? Can we bring our own?
    Food certainly is made available! We understand that staying energized and fueled during the Back To School Rally at Kalahari is essential for a night filled with fun and excitement. While the registration fee covers access to the event and the water park activities, food and beverages are available for purchase at the waterpark's snack stands. At Kalahari Resort Indoor Water Park, you'll find a wide assortment of delicious foods, snacks, and drinks available for purchase at the beginning of the night. Whether you're craving a quick snack, a refreshing drink, or a full meal, the snack stands offer a variety of options to suit everyone's tastes. Please note that outside food and drinks are not allowed within the water park premises. As you plan for the Back To School Rally, we recommend bringing some spending money or funds to enjoy the delicious offerings available at the waterpark's snack stands. If you have any dietary restrictions or special requirements, please feel free to reach out to us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs during the event.
  • Can students from outside of our Youth Group attend?
    Absolutely! Students from outside the Philadelphia district church youth groups are more than welcome to attend the Back To School Rally at Kalahari. In fact, we believe that this event is an excellent opportunity for students, especially those who may not have attended church youth group events before, to experience the positive and welcoming atmosphere of our gathering. We strongly suggest using the Back To School Rally as a first-time, easy entry event for un-churched friends to attend and connect with their local church youth group. This event serves as a platform to create meaningful relationships with peers from their local church youth group, as well as with students from other areas. It's an occasion for young individuals to come together, make new friends, and build lasting connections with others who share similar interests and values. Our aim is to foster a sense of community and inclusivity, welcoming students from various backgrounds to experience the joy and support that comes from being part of a church. By extending invitations to un-churched friends, we hope to create a warm and accepting environment where everyone can feel comfortable and engaged. So, whether you're from within the Philadelphia district or beyond, we encourage you to join us at the Back To School Rally at Kalahari. Let's celebrate the start of the new school year together, build new friendships, and make this event an unforgettable experience for all!
  • Can parents or family members attend the event?
    This event is exclusively for students entering grades 7th to 12th. Parents or family members are not expected to attend the Back To School Rally at Kalahari. However, they are welcome to inquire about chaperone opportunities or further involvement through their local church.
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